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  • How to set up and customize your home page in order to turn visitors into customers
  • How to design all other pages of your store
  • How to fine tune your store design and give it a professional look
  • How to track and measure your customers' behavior in order to maximize profits
  • How to get your shop ready to launch

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The honesty and sincerity of this course is invaluable to ditching the monotonous trap of the 9-5 day job. Each step along the way is outlined in perfect detail such that, if my dog wasn’t so old, I could probably teach her to run her own business - read the full review on Trustpilot

- Collin Sherow

This systematic plan is laid out intelligently. Follow it, set realistic goals, be diligent and you might be as successful as you can imagine - read the full review on Trustpilot

- Michael Love

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