Day 7 - Scale It

In our last step today I will teach you specific strategies you can implement to scale/grow your business as small or big as you desire.

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Congratulations! You've made it to the last step in the 7-day drop ship crash course. Today I'll teach you the fundamentals of knowing how to grow your drop ship business to higher and higher levels of prosperity if you desire. Some people are content with launching a drop ship store to make some extra cash to off-set social security, or retirement, or helping fund vacations, etc. and the stopping. And that's okay if that's you. On the opposite side of the spectrum some people desire to grow a huge drop ship business, have employees and so forth. And of course there are people in between. Whatever your goal and desire you can definitely do it. There is plenty of opportunity out there in the world you just have to reach out and seize the day.

So what does scaling really mean? Scaling comprises of implementing strategies to do three major things:

  1. Increase the volume - doing more of what is working
  2. Expand your resources - utilize people/teams and systems to get your drop ship business to run on semi-auto pilot
  3. Increase the frequency - get the volume of sales from all your resources to occur more often. Instead of 5 sales a day from just your efforts get 5 more a day from each of your jv/affiliate partners and 5 more from you.

Setting goals to implement the 3 scaling principles above is like pouring gas on the fire that is already burning so to speak. Following the instructions I gave you in day 5 of proving your business model is where you start to discover if people really do want to engage with you and your business and eventually buy your products. As you track and measure you progress you will discover more data, more factual insights into what marketing methods are producing results for you. For most people starting out the top 3 marketing channels that produce the most targeted & quality traffic the fastest and at the lowest cost are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Email marketing
  3. Google Adwords and Product Listing Ads

Those three continue to be the best sources of traffic that produce sales for me and my clients too. To scale these marketing methods means you would examine what marketing campaigns and emails are proving to generate more engagement and sales for you. Once you do that then you would simply increase the volume and expand wider. Ramp it up! Do more of what you know is working. Reach more target audiences in multiple locations online. Milk the cow until you know there is no more milk to be had. The amazing thing about using 3rd party marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook is that the milk so to speak is always producing and will usually never run out because there are billions of people visiting those sites each month! This allows you to use Google and facebook to target key audiences and turn those marketing channels into automated lead sources for your drop ship business.

Let's discuss a bit about automation now as it relates to scaling. Paying attention to the tasks in your drop ship business that can be automated will help you to scale/grow your business faster and more effectively so you don't get bogged down doing all the work yourself, or doing tasks that can easily be done by someone else or by a computer or system. It's very important for your sanity and success that you learn how to delegate tasks to others in the future and to learn how to utilize systems of automation. The clarify, the two keys of automation are:

  1. Systems
  2. and People

Getting the right systems in place will dramatically ease the load on your shoulders as a business owner. The systems you use will usually help you automate the following things:

  • automatically delivering emails to your audience (aka using an autoresponder) - Set up your autoresponder account here.
  • automatically sending your traffic to your website (facebook, Google, pinterest, etc.)
  • automatically communicate between suppliers and customers regarding orders, refunds, delivery, etc.

Systems are great and very powerful, but there is only so much that can be automated. Sometimes there are tasks that can only be done effectively by a living human being. This is where hiring a virtual assistant or other helper comes in. These helpers can be found on places like:

When you get an assistant to help you, they could assist in the following areas:

  1. managing your website
  2. placing manual orders with your suppliers
  3. taking care of customer chats
  4. responding to emails
  5. and any other task that needs to be done that you don't want to do but still needs attention

This journey takes time and skill. It's the price to pay to experience higher and higher levels of financial success. Commit now to learn how to master launching marketing campaigns and how to grow your business. You can do it. Thousands of other people have and continue to do it. I do it as well. The only thing that stops most people from taking action is their own mind gets in the way of taking action. Choose to change that destructive pattern by creating habits of positive thinking and action to overcome internal doubt and worry. Each of us have those negative feelings creep in our minds every day. We're human. The key to success is becoming faster at choosing to focus on the good so we can take the right action despite the negativity. We really do get what our mind dwells on each day!

Choose now to be an action taker regardless of how "hard" things seem to be. Choose to dwell on the reward, the prize, the enjoyment and joy that your drop ship business will allow you to achieve and experience. Dwell on the outcome of enjoyable vacations the time spent with your spouse, family and loved ones. Those are the choices that count and that make the difference between losers and winners. You are a winner. Go out there and make great things happen with your drop ship business!

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