Day 5 - Prove It

Today I'll teach how you can quickly prove it to yourself that you have what it takes to build a successful drop ship business.

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how to prove your dropshipping business can be successful

Nice job on reaching day 5 of 7 in my crash course training for drop shippers! Today's training, just like customizing your drop ship site, is a BIG one again. Customizing your site and today's "Provit It" training are the two major steps that discourage most people from every wanting a drop ship site. Don't let this get you down though. These are steps that naturally weed out the people who are not willing to work and who are not willing to pay the price for success. You have what it takes to be a profitable drop shipper as long as you keep pressing forward!

Today is all about teaching you key strategies to implement that will help you prove that you have what it takes to launch and grow successfully without wasting precious time and money on a business that might not work out.

At this point if you have followed and implemented the steps I have taught you, you will have invested some time and a little money to get to this point. Most people launching their M.V.P. site themselves will usually have invested about 20 hours of time and about $200 bucks to launch their basic drop ship site. Pretty amazing if you think about it. Compare that to the months and months some people spend of upwards of $15,000 and more without sharing anything about their business with their audience at all. And then come to find out they chose the wrong niche, or lacked the mind-set. And then poof, all that time and money down the drain. Do you want that? I don't and recommend you avoid that trap. So the name of the game here is speed plus a standard of quality and then start engaging with your audience. There have been numerous books written about this topic. So at this point I'm simply going to try to share the most important and actionable information you should know about this subject.

Let's get started...

First, know that your drop ship website is not going to be "perfect" at this stage nor will it ever be in the truest sense because your business will always be growing and developing with you until you potentially sell it for a huge profit down the road. your site is not going to have all the bells and whistles and products you want on there yet at this time. That's okay. All of those items can come later after you prove to yourself two major things:

  1. Prove it to yourself that you will schedule time each day to develop the habit of sharing valuable content about your business with your audience. Many people starting a business think once they have this "shiny, perfect" website that they will all of a suddenly have the skills and time to market and grow their business. Nope. It doesn't work that way of course. You have to start now to develop the habits and skills that are necessary to see success now and in the long term. You and/or your team that you may need to organize in the future will need the necessary skills of:
    1. how to sell
    2. how to market
    3. how to account/manage your finances
    4. how to lead and inspire yourself and others
    5. how to use and manage technology
    6. In my deep dive training modules here I teach more about this topic.
  2. Prove it to yourself that the potential value of your drop ship business is something that your audience likes and will engage with. Your potential value at this time will usually be expressed in the form of communicating your business message/mission, your products and pricing, etc. with people who you think care about it enough. Will your audience respond positively to your message when you survey or campaign to them. When you share product images and upcoming news about your launch do they get excited? Do they share your facebook posts with others? Do they reply to your emails? Do they ask you questions? And so forth. You will know if your drop ship site, message and products are of real value because when you launch marketing campaigns to promote your business to your audience they respond and engage with you in some fashion and ultimately buy from you. More on this a little later.

And that's it. Those are the two major things you should seek to quickly validate or prove at this time. From there you'd want to continue proving them again and again in the future as you desire to grow your business to new levels.

There are too many people who spend far too much time and money on their business website and development to later find out that they lacked the mind-set to be successful and gave up. Don't let that be you. Choose now to be okay with being vulnerable. Choose now to be okay with sharing the value you do have developed and are ready to share. Choose now to be okay with that fact that as you persist and pay your own personal price for success that things overall with your business and life will transform for the better.

With that said let me share 3 action steps you can implement to help you start proving it to yourself and your audience that you have what it takes grow a successful drop ship business:

  1. grab your calendar and schedule a blocked out time every day to grow your business. Doing this will help you develop solid habits that will help you reap huge dividends in the future. We all have the same 24hrs in a day. How you choose to invest that time is what counts. Investing time upfront building your drop ship business pays off in the future when you can finally sit back and relax while your drop ship business runs on semi-auto pilot.
  2. launch two facebook conversion campaigns that market a valuable lead magnet to your audience. I have an entire training course on this subject but if you're not familiar with what a lead magnet is, it is simply something of value you give your audience in exchange for their name and email. After you collect their name and email you can send emails to them educating and promoting your drop ship products without having to spend more and more money in the future for leads. That is the real big benefit. Examples of lead magnets could be a contest or give-away, an ebook, a checklist, an audio or video training, etc. If you do not know how to launch a facebook conversion campaign I recommend signing up for my deep dive training on this topic by going here.
  3. create a facebook business page, customize it and then start posting images of your products, images that represent the mission of your company, post free valuable content to download, and so forth. This is free to do and quite easy. It takes most people all of an hour or less to get a facebook business page up and running. From there you can invite people to "like" your facebook page. When they do they will see future posts you share on your business page in their feed.

There's not enough time to go into all the details of how to implement each of the three action step above. If would like some extra help learning how to implement these steps in your own business head on over to our drop ship training site here to get started now.

You are now ready to learn the last two steps of my 7-day crash course for drop shippers. In the next day training I'll teach you how to track and measure key metrics in your drop ship business and why that is so important. Talk with you soon!

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