Day 6 - Measure It

Today is all about showing you how to get started with measuring and tracking your success so you can grow your drop ship business to new profitable levels in the future.

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how to measure your success - drop shipping

You are now at day six of my 7-day drop ship crash course. Let's recap what you have been taught so far. I have taught you how to:

  1. find a winning niche
  2. build your site
  3. find a quality supplier
  4. customize your site
  5. prove to yourself that you have what it takes to get starting growing a successful drop ship business

You're now ready to learn how to measure and track your audience behavior when they arrive to your website. This will empower you with key knowledge to understand your audience better so you can customize better solutions for them to buy in the future. It is critical to know how to track business performance so you are not left in the dark about what is and is not working and where and when to make key decision on how to scale/grow your business which we'll cover in the last step in day 7.

The simplest way to get started with tracking the important statistics on your website is to use Google Analytics. It's free and very easy to use comparatively speaking to other tracking systems out there. The training video below will show you how to set up your Google Analytics account and how to place the tracking code in your WordPress website. After you integrate the Google Analytics code on your website you'll need to wait for 24 hours for the system to start tracking performance and then you can login to your Google Analytics account to access your site statistics!

You will now be able to track, measure and observe almost anything a visitor does on your website. Here are just a few metrics you will now have access to in your free Google Analytics account:

  1. how many visitors arrive to your website at any time
  2. where your visitors are coming from (ex. facebook, google, bing, email, directly, etc.)
  3. how long your visitors stay on any of your website pages. This goes for all of your product pages too.
  4. what search terms/keywords people use to find you through the search engines
  5. the visitor behavior flow of a customer
  6. if visitors are abandoning your shopping cart
  7. you can also set up specific customized goals in your analytics account (go here for a free guide on this)

Now, it's very easy to get lost in the world of stats so just be aware that you should just look at the stats that help you make better decision about your business. For example when you see the number of visitors go up or down in varying patterns that will give you an idea if your marketing efforts are improving or not. If people are only spending 30 seconds on your website you might not have what people want and therefore people come, look around briefly and leave. That can be solved now that you know about it. So you should see the enormous value of measuring and tracking by now.

The next and final step in this 7-day crash course training for drop shippers is about scaling your business. Look out for my email reminder to be sent to you tomorrow about this! For now take the time now to implement what I taught you today about integrating the Google Analytics code on your site.

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