Intro To The 7-Day Drop Ship Crash Course Challenge

Are you new to dropshipping? Or could you use some help building your profitable dropship business? If so this 7-day DropshipXL Crash Course Challenge I created will teach you what you need to know to get start the right way!

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Welcome to the 7-Day Drop Ship Crash Course!

In this crash course for drop shippers you will learn the ultimate 7 steps that you need to know to launch and build your drop ship business! These are the same steps we use in our ecommerce/drop ship businesses and have proven to work.

Let's get started!

What is dropshipping?

If you are not familiar with how drop shipping works there are 7 major steps you need to know that I'll briefly explain for you and then I will provide you more detail in the upcoming steps in this course.

Here is an overview diagram showing you the 7 steps of drop shipping:


In the 7-step diagram above you'll notice the 1st step shows paying some money because the fastest way to get people coming to your website is to pay for it. So let's say you pay $50 and you start getting some people from Google visiting your drop ship site.

In step two that person visits your store to consider products to buy. Then step 3 that visitor decides to buy a product retailing for $650 which is deposited automatically into your bank account online.

What do you do with that $650 in this example? Well, your supplier will need some of that money to be sent to them to pay for the product and for it to be shipped to your customer for you. So in this scenario you would send $450 to your supplier. Your supplier, in step 5, would ship the product to your customer, send you a tracking number. Your customer receives the product and their happy.

Now in step 6 is where you measure the profit you generated which in this case resulted in $200 profit for selling one product after you take into account the $50 you paid to Google to send you that customer!

In step 7, you start to set an income goal for your business where if you set a goal to sell 5 of those products each week you could be generating $1000 a week or about $52,000 a year. And that's just selling one excellent product!

This crash course will guide you through the fundamentals of getting on the right path to reaching that $52k annual income goal or more. It's virtually impossible to know if you will personally take action or not on what I teach you which is why this is not an income claim, but that income goal is very possible and attainable if you work at it and take action each step along the way.

Okay, I got it, let's get started

To experience the best results following my 7-day crash course it's best to take one training at a time each day. In other words space the training apart so you can soak up the knowledge and have time to take action before the next day training. To help you stay on track I will send you one email reminder each of the 7 days (assuming you subscribed to my email reminder list) If you haven't done so already you can subscribe here.

Alright...I'm sure you're excited to get going so I'm going to jump right in 🙂

This drop ship crash course is perfect for you if:

  • you are willing to work hard and smart to build a real business that has the power to liberate you financially
  • you don't know how to launch a profitable drop ship business
  • you are brand new to the world of drop shipping and not sure how it works
  • you want to know how to earn extra money online retailing products for a profit
  • you have some experience but might be missing something and want a refresher on the step by step process to take to properly launch and grow your drop ship business
  • you want to learn the secret strategies that other people won't tell you about how to be profitable with drop shipping
  • you are serious about investigating into the details about whether building a drop shipping business is for you or not

Remember to check your email each morning because for the next 7 days I will send you an email reminder that will connect you to the training page for that day. Let's get started!

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